Hatteras Fishing Report

Fishing News on Hatteras Island

Surrounded by water and in close proximity to the Gulf Stream, Hatteras Island emanates a life rich in fish culture. Some islanders fish for a living, some islanders fish for fun, some islanders sell fish in their restaurants and some islanders prepare bountiful fish-rich meals for their families. One thing is for sure, the various Hatteras Island fisheries have an impact on those who are blessed to call this place their home and we love sharing them with our friends and neighbors. While the docks are always abuzz with fishing action, sharing with you is exactly what we aim to do. Check out our fishing report below to stay tuned on what's being caught, what they're using to catch them and the fisheries that are ever-changing!

From Sea to Plate

One of the most exciting things about fishing is the catch itself. That glorifying moment when the hunt becomes luctrative and you're fighting nature's ancient battle of man vs. animal. One of the most of satisfying things about fishing is when your catch is sitting before you in the...

Pic Report and DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome Daisy Mae to Teach's Lair, we now have a front end Dog and Head Dog "SOX"  and "Daisy Mae" will Take care of Tackle, along with Dixie..  


Until Next Time JAM out!!!!!!!!!! 

Pic Report and DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Welcome Daisy Mae to Teach's Lair, we not have a front end Dog and Head Dog "SOX"  and "Daisy Mae" will Take care of Tackle.


Until Next Time JAM out!!!!!!!!!! 

Memorial Day 2017

Memorial Day weekend was definitely a memorable one aboard the Sea Angel II! As we looked out at the crystal waters and blue skies, reminiscing about all we had to be thankful for, we quietly remembered the fallen as well as those who serve and/or have served our great nation and defend our flag...

Our Captains just keep making it easier and easier for me to do the Fishing Reports.  They just keep Bringing Home the Bacon, or Black Fin Tuna.  Lots of them Too!!!!!!  

Inshore Cobia and Big Drum make people Smile Seems like every day and we like it like that!!!!!!!!


I have not seen so Much Catching going on in a long long time!  So we will let the Pictures do the Talking and the Citations do the Walking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gary Clough of Bunker Hill WV had a 35 Pound...

If you Thought Three Years Ago was Good Cobia Fishing, well STAND BY!!!!!!  Cause this is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can not even Tell you right now HOW MANY Citations there are,  but there is a...

What a Wonderful Event, the North Carolina OffShore Challange Went off without a Hitch.  It was Months and Months of Planning and Months and Months of Leg Work but it was for a Great Cause.  The Veterans of the Patriot Guard.   We Put Vets on Boats and they Caught Fish, and Lots of them.  The...

Fishing with Bruce Armstrong on the Sea Angel II

More fun times on the water with Captain Bruce Armstrong aboard the Sea Angel II! A big thanks to Kelly, Cody, Herb and Rudy!


Well Lets Pull up a Chair for Storytime with Uncle JAM:

I was Sitting around the Docks after My Beach Bike Ride, just kinda hanging out with the fellas, bsing and talking Story, when a Call came in from Scott Caldwell the Captain of the Elizabeth Grace.  Scott Said he had just...

With all the Excitement going on around here Yesterday, I did not want the Other Captains Fishing report to get Pushed to the Side, Because of the Marlin.  So Today I will add the Rest of the Report for Yesterday.  

Lots of Gaffers (they are getting bigger)  Nice Catches of BlackFins.  ...