Well we have been Dodging the Weather it seems like forever now and Ole Man Winter just keeps hanging on and on and on!!!!!!! But when our guys get the Chance.  They GO.  And they Get'Em!!!!

Drum are gonna Chew This Weekend for sure if not before.  I am thinking Friday Afternoon...Plenty...

Fishing aboard the Sea Angel II with Captain Bruce Armstrong

Fishing season is upon us and the blackfin tuna have definitely arrived! We had another beautiful April day aboard the Sea Angel II and the team caught quite a few beauties to show for their efforts! A big thanks to Art, Sherm, John and Scooter. What a crew! Nice work, guys!

They had their hands Full of Yellow and BlackFins all day.  The YellowFins were the Most I have seen Brought in in Years.  And I have my Fingers and Toes Crossed that maybe this will be the Year the way they were years ago.

Beach we had Blow Toads and Puppy Drum.   A Few Blues were also...