Sea Angel II with Captain Bruce Armstrong

Yesterday was a beautiful day on the water and the blackfin tuna were on fire! Four citation blackfin and then some! A big thanks to Ben, Blake, Ethan and Dylan! See you next time!


And I will say it again, because there are a lot of Grown Men I know, that would NOT want any Part of what Addison and Brynlee Lane fished in Yesterday.  So:::::::   These Little Ladies, ARE TOUGH AS NAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well I guess I am getting Old cause it's "Story Time" with your Buddy JAM.  

Now I have only Lived here on Hatteras for the last 15 Years, so just because I have never seen anything like this happen before, does not mean it hasn't.  Matter of Fact a Good Friend of mine Lynne, who I used...

Sea Angel II with Captain Bruce Armstrong

Sea Angel II is having a killer Spring with the fish, but you don't have to take our word for it because these pictures speak for themselves!

Image 1:  04-12-17: 

The weather was beautiful and the blues were...


Nice Catches of Triggers, A Glass Eye, a Barrel Fish, Some BlackFins, a a Yellowfin or Two.  A Little Slower than the Day before but it was a Great day on the water with a...