Shoot Fish Hatteras Drum Fishing....

Nice Day to be OffShore and the Title has the Catch, Pretty Work Guys..Mahi, BlackFins, Triggers and Bills.  

InShore Still Getting on them Drum and Trout.  

Beach a Mixed bag, Blues and Spanish on Metal, Pompano (Small) Sea Mullets (Nice) Flounder (Small) Drum (Keepers)


OffShore Today was a BlackFin Tuna Nightmare.  Most of our Fleet went to the North and Got on them Good.  There were also a Bunch of AJ's Caught.  A Few Wahoo, A few Dolphin and a Few BillFish.  Bumpy But Great Day on the Water.  

InShore just can not be Stopped with GREAT catches of Drum...

Fishing on the Sea Angel II

Image 1: What a crew! Rough day, but they persevered! 

Image 2: Kudos to Charles Wiseman and family! Way to hang on, baby!

Image 3: Friends caught their limit of dolphin and tuna!

Real Nice Day all around OffShore.  A Mixed Bag was had, YellowFin, BlackFin, Wahoo and Dolphin.  A Citation King and a SailFish rounded out the day.  They had to work hard at it to get he catch that they did.  Pretty Work Guys..

InShore just can't be beat right now, they are Killing it...