Fishing on the Sea Angel II

Thanks, Bill and Family from your friends aboard the Sea Angel II!

Glad we found the drone! What was that Bailey doing here?

We were sooooooooooo   Happy when the guys got back yesterday with a Real Real nice Cath of Dolphins and a Few Whoo.  After a week of a lot of Trying but not much reward they were on them pretty good.  There were also a Few BillFish caught as well.  

Inshore remains on Fire with Cobia and...

Sox At Teach's Lair Marina.  The Brand New Shirt  Everyone will have to have.

We had 4 OffShore Boats Scheduled to go off today but they rescheduled for Tomorrow.  It was a Little Bumpy and Sporty so all of the Customers were able to Go the next day so there was no Sense in Beating them up.  They Rescheduled and are Sailing Today.  

Inshore was on Fire as Usual...