Fishing with Captain Brian on the Stormy Petrel II

If you have a group of more than six people who would like to fish together, check out the Stormy Petrel II. Our sea kindly 56’ boat runs strictly private charters and our rates are quite affordable. No need to leave anyone behind or split up. We are available for nearshore fishing, wreck...

8.51 Speck aboard the Speck-Tackler was the Fish of the Week For me.  That's a Big un.  Lots of BlackFin Tuna and Scattered Dolphin.  On the Inshore Specks Drum SheepsHead Aj's and Macks.

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Been a Great few Days on the Bill Fish with Whites and Sails making a good Showing, some of the Guys went Bottom Fishing and did Well.  Triggers YUM YUM !!!!!!!!!!!!Inshore the Speck Bite has been on for about 2 weeks now very steady and very nice class of Fish.  Flounder and Drum as well in the...

Fishing with Bruce Armstrong on the Sea Angel II

A big thanks to Dan Kibble and your beautiful daughters and their lucky husbands, too! Blackfin, we're glad you were biting! Come back aboard the Sea Angel II soon! Thanks, crew!

-Captain Bruce, Sea Angel II

Dang SW Wind Machine Won't Stop!!!!!   Everyone Face SW and Blow at the Same Time, maybe we can knock it down.  


Randy Shaw of Moseley Va had a Sail.

Jay Oakley had a Sail.  

Cynthia Wilson...