What To Bring Fishing on Hatteras

When preparing for your much anticipated charter trip, there are a few things you're going to want to be sure to remember as there aren't exactly a lot of conveniences and shopping opportunities on the open water. For your usefulness and from our experience we have prepared a list of recommended items that will be utilized on your trip. Please be sure to be prepared and on time so that your captain can provide you with the best day on the water as is possible!


Things to Bring

1. Food/Beverages for the day (alcohol is permitted, remember plenty of water)

2. Cooler to carry your catch home

3. Extra clothing and rain gear

4. Jacket/Sweatshirt

5. Any needed medications

6. Motion Sickness Deterrent (Example: Dramamine or Bonine)

7. Sunscreen

8. Sunglasses (polarized are suggested)

9. Camera (film, digital and video are permitted)

10. Cash (Mates work for tips, 15-20% is customary)


Provided Items:

1. All tackle

2. All bait

3. All Rods/Reels

4. Ice to keep your catch cold

5. Fuel