Bak Bar Lit them up the Past 2 days with a Total of 18 Drum Citations.  I got to tell you, I've been around the block a few times but WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  18 Citations in 2 days Congrats Guys Supa AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OffShore Dolphin YellowFin and BlackFins OffShore.   


YellowFins and BlackFins OffShore  Drum Bite is On InShore. .. 


Gracie Hearne of New Bern NC had a 45 Inch Drum aboard the Bak Bar.  

Mickey Hearne of New Bern NC...

And you know how I roll with so many Pictures.....   What more could I say!!!!!!

Except Come Gets Some!!!!!!!!


Brittany Futrell of Murfreesboro NC had a 54 Pound Black Drum..

Kenneth Milan of...