Teach's Lair Fishing Reports

While November brought us some rough weather at times, we still had some nice days with a few boats taking charters and getting out to catch some fish!

Inshore boats were mainly catching Red Drum and Bluefish, with some Sheepshead and Black Drum scattered in the mix.


Red Drum Teach's Lair Hatteras Inshore Fishing Charter

While things are gradually slowing down on the island, fishing is still in full swing! Inshore boats have had great catches of Red Drum over the last couple of weeks along with some Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel, and scattered Trout.

Offshore fishing has been mixed from day to day, with some...

Inshore boats have had great catches of Red Drum over the last couple of days, plus Speckled and Gray Trout, Bluefish, and scattered Spanish Mackerel.

Offshore boats have still been held to the dock due to weather. We finally have some boats going out again this morning, so we're eager to...

Speck-Tackler Fishing Red Drum

While the weather has caused several cancellations, offshore boats that have gotten out have done well with Dolphin, Tuna, and Wahoo catches over the last few days. We've also seen Barracuda and sharks in the mix. No offshore boats out for Wednesday or Thursday.

Inshore, we've seen nice...


Offshore fishing on Saturday brought some scattered catches of Blackfin Tuna, a few bailer Dolphin, Barracuda, and several Tilefish.

Inshore boats had good catches of Red Drum, some Bluefish, and Trout.


Leonard Lieungh caught and released a Red Drum: 47...

Red Drum Surf Fishing Hatteras Teach's Lair Marina

We had limited offshore trips on Thursday and Friday due to weather and rough seas. A couple of Wahoo, Dolphin, and Tuna on the dock for boats that went out and stayed out.

Inshore boats got out but were also cutting trips short or moving to other days with the bad weather. We did see...

Dunn Deal Offshore Sportfishing Hatteras, NC

Offshore boats continued to bring in nice catches on Wednesday with Blackfin Tuna, Wahoo, King Mackerel, Dolphin, Barracuda, Triggerfish, and Beeliners. Reports of rough seas throughout the day.

Inshore boats had Red Drum, Speckled Trout, and Bluefish.



Longer Days Fishing Charters Teach's Lair

Great fishing inshore and offshore the last two days! Offshore boats brought in catches of Yellowfin and Blackfin Tuna, scattered Dolphin, Wahoo, Barracuda, Triggerfish, and Beeliners, plus a keeper Swordfish, a Swordfish release, and Sailfish release!

Inshore boats are keeping it up with...

Dunn Deal Offshore Sportfishing Hatteras, NC

We saw some great catches on Sunday! Offshore boats had good catches of bailer Dolphin, a few Blackfin Tuna, Yellowfin, several nice Wahoo, Barracuda, Triggerfish, and Beeliners.

Inshore boats had plenty of puppy drum and Speckled Trout, with a few Bluefish scattered in.

Saturday brought in some decent catches for offshore boats, with a mix of bailer and gaffer Dolphin, a few Blackfin Tuna, and some very nice Wahoo.

Inshore boats did well with Red Drum and Speckled Trout. They also had some Bluefish and Spanish Mackerel in the mix.