Teach's Lair Fishing Reports

Nice wahoo and tuna fishing again today, plus some barracuda and mahi. Offshore boats did report conditions getting rougher as the afternoon went on.

Inshore bluefish are still the main catch, plus speckled trout, drum, and Spanish mackerel.

Blackfin tuna and wahoo were the catch of the day for offshore boats along with some scattered mahi, and skipjack.

Inshore there were some nice speckled trout, bluefish, drum, and Spanish mackerel.

Most offshore boats canceled on Wednesday due to weather but we did have one make it out and get a nice catch of blackfin tuna and a couple wahoo.

Inshore boats had some nice puppy drum and bull reds. Also bluefish and speckled trout!

Another good day for blackfin tuna and wahoo offshore! Also some barracuda hitting the docks.

Amberjack for some inshore boats that got out to the wrecks. Other inshore boats got nice trout, bluefish, and drum.

Not much activity to report from Sunday. Offshore boats canceled due to weather and just a few inshore boats ventured out. They did come in with some speckled trout and bluefish.

Monday was a different story. Inshore boats had plenty of bluefish again, along with speckled trout and...

Friday brought in some nice tuna and Wahoo for offshore boats. Just one boat in the fleet went on Saturday, mostly due to weather, and came back after a rough day with barracuda.

Inshore boats did well with bluefish and speckled trout, some large spanish mackerel, and a few drum and...

Another good day for both inshore and offshore boats! We saw nice catches of mahi and blackfin tuna hit the docks.

Amberjack, triggerfish, and beeliners as well.

Inshore boats had plenty of...

Good Wahoo fishing continued today. We also saw Blackfin Tuna and Mahi land on the docks including one huge Mahi!

Inshore the Bluefish bite continues along with Spanish Mackerel, Red Drum, and a few Speckled Trout.

Catches slowed down over the weekend but have picked right back up in the last two days!


Offshore boats are getting great catches of Wahoo in the last couple of days, some really nice Blackfin Tuna as well. Mahi is still scattered. We’re also getting reports of a few Sailfish and...

Offshore fishing brought in some good catches of Blackfin Tuna, scattered Mahi, and a few Wahoo.

Inshore boats had nice Bluefish, a few Red Drum, Sheepshead, and Speckled Trout.