10/25 - 11/7 Catch Up Report!

Although charters are becoming slightly less frequent as the regular season winds down we are still seeing some great catches! King Mackerel have arrived and boats are taking full advantage. Offshore we're seeing great catches of Blackfin and Yellowfin Tuna, King Mackerel, and Billfish. Inshore boats are still doing well with Red Drum, Bluefish, and Trout, as well as getting some Sheepshead and Sea Mullet. While the season is starting to slow down for tourism, fishing is still going strong which means better chances for our late-season visitors to get out on the water! Give us a call at the marina, or book directly through any of our captains!



Timothy Cloer caught a 20 lb Blackfin Tuna (Longer Days)

Lisa Cloer caught a 22 lb Blackfin Tuna (Longer Days)


Jill Cooper caught a 48 lb King Mackerel (Carolina Girl)

Jamie Cooper caught a 39 lb King Mackerel (Carolina Girl)

Jennifer Acbee caught a 44 lb King Mackerel (Carolina Girl)

Daniel Neilson released a Sailfish (Rabid Tuna)

William Neilson released a Sailfish (Rabid Tuna)


Paul Voland caught a 28 lb Blackfin Tuna (Bluefin)

Ronald E. Rummell Jr. caught a 22 lb Blackfin Tuna (Harper's Folly)

Ronald E. Rummell Sr. caught a 26 lb Blackfin Tuna (Harper's Folly)

Ronald C. Rummell caught a 27 lb Blackfin Tuna (Harper's Folly)


Tate Socha caught a 34 lb King Mackerel (Harper's Folly)

Auberon Crocker caught a 30 lb King Mackerel (Harper's Folly)

James Ingersoll caught a 32 lb King Mackerel (Harper's Folly)

Tara Ingersoll caught a 46 lb King Mackerel (Harper's Folly)

Aaron Dawley caught a 29 lb Blackfin Tuna (Harper's Folly)

Kyle Burns caught a 29 lb Blackfin Tuna (Harper's Folly)

Thomas Vestergaard caught a 60 lb King Mackerel (Rabid Tuna)


Jonathan Hastings caught an 8lb Sheepshead (Bak Bar)

Andrew Dickson caught a 47 lb King Mackerel (Rabid Tuna)

Jonathan Mobley caught a 61 lb King Mackerel (Rabid Tuna)

Riley Dickson caught a 45 lb King Mackerel (Rabid Tuna)