5/24 Fishing doesn't get any better!!!

What an absolute gorgeous day yesterday!!! After what seemed like a week long rain/wind event it was great to see everyone out on the water and CATCHING fish!!!

The offshore fishing doesn't get much better than what we had yesterday.  All across the board the guys brought in lots of Dolphin, good catches on Blackfin Tuna and some Yellowfins thrown in there.  There were also some Wahoos caught giving some guy the ole "Meat Slam"!  I know everyones arms should be hurting today and hopefully we see a lot of the same today!!!

Inshore fishing was just as good as offshore.  The big news is the Cobia have shown up.  Everyone has been waiting anxiously.  There was some good Speckled Trout fishing in the sound and there have been some big fish lurking around back there.  There's been plenty of Bluefish and Spanish Mackeral to catch out in the ocean.

In the surf there continues to be good Sea Mullet fishing and some nice Pompanos around. Unfortunately it is the time of year that birds hatch and has effectively shut down Cape Point until hopefully sometime in mid to late July. The closure is due to American Oyster Catcher, which are not on any federal list when it come to bird, but they are treated as they are endangered.  It's hard to go on the soundside and not see them or hear them as loud as they can be. Something needs to change in relation to the American Oyster Catcher and the Terns that close so much of our fishing areas.  Where is the line drawn.

No more bitter news...We are extremely Happy to see everyone and be back up and going in these times. 

Stay Safe and Keep Catching!