The Sea Mullet and Pompano bites been slow the last couple days .... I've caught several and saw a few caught but most were on the small side .... the good news is the spanish and Blues are here and hittin metal ... they're being caught about everywhere with the best bites on 43, 44 and down toward the inlet on 55 ..... the North beaches were pretty dirty today but the south beaches were clear, 55 looked nice but still just small Sea Mullet were all I saw caught ... hopefully things will get better but the winds gonna stay outta the south for a few days.
Inshore .... gettin Spanish, Blues, Trout, big Drum and if lucks on your side ... maybe a Cobia. Pictured below Bak Bar, Speck Tackler, Hallalujah and Got Em.
Offshore .... when conditions are good they're gettin Mahi, Tuna and plenty of bottom fish along with a few flags flying .... marlin and sailfish. Pictured below ... Longer Days, Marlin Mania, Carolina girl.
Theres plenty of clams this year and Teachs has everything you need to get it done .... Charter one of the Inshore boats and they'll take the family clamming .... guarantee you'll have fun.
Thanks, River