And the Beat Goes On!!!!!!


It's Great to See all the Smiling Faces at the Docks Yesterday, and EVERYDAY.  Living Right Next Door Allows Me to Pretty Much Hang out here most  Days, all Day..  I Just enjoy the Folks and the Looks on their Face when the Mates Unload the Fish.  So Whether I am Off or Not, I can Still Be Found Hangin Around The Docks with My Camera At The Ready.  Got Some Nice Shots Yesterday of some pretty Blackfins and a few Yellows.  

Inshore was Cobia Cobia Cobia as the OLE "Step Ladder" Crew From Barco,  Currituck Area and Vah Beach.  Were All over the First Run of the Migration.  These Boys have been at it for Years and before they got a Big Tower Boat Now but  they had a Skiff and a Step Ladder Back in the Day, and they would Embarrass folks with 80 Thousand Dollar Rigs, when they would Dump a Pile of Cobia on the Docks, the Laughter would Stop.  Still Big Drum around and Still Big Blues.


Chopper Blues to 17 Pounds on Metal and Bait.  Sea Mullets Scattered.  Gonna Blow today and Tomorrow and then It's ON!!!!    Fish the North Beaches  as the Wind will be Hard out of the SW, Should be Drummy around Cape Point Tonight and Tomorrow NIght and we Have Plenty of the DRUM MAGIC in Stock...


Daru Latinski of Coatesville PA had a 51 Pound Codia aboard Bak Bar Sports Fishing.  

Fred Prince of Coatesville PA had a 52 Pound Codia aboard Bak Bar Sports Fishing.  

John Tucker of Virginia Beach Va had a 55 Pound Cobia aboard the "Step Ladder"

William  Wright of Barco had a 50 Pound Cobia aboard the "Step Ladder"  

Until Next Time JAM OUT!!!! 

PS My Buddy Larry's Kid JP 2, Lookie what he Caught at the Docks......