Beautiful Day on the Water, Wahoo, Dolphin, BlackFin!!!!!

Nice day out there, launched 22 Private Boats Yesterday because the Conditions were AWESOME.  The Fish Bite a Little and folks came home with the Hoo's.  The Bit was Close to the Beach and if you went beyond 150 feet deep water, chances are you missed the Bite. Dolphin Scattered about, some Boats had them Some didn't.  BlackFins pretty Steady..  It was an IN-BETWEEN-ER kind of Day.  They didn't set the World on Fire but they Caught Fish For their Customers.  

InShore Steady Freddie with Drum of all Sizes,Trout (Both Kinds) Blues, Spanish..  Can't go Wrong InShore these Days.  

Beach is El Fuego (On Fire)  Blues, Spanish, Bar Jacks, False Albacores all on Metal.  Sea Mullets and Pompano's on Bottom Baits...  Great Day on the Beach!!!!! 


Joe Thomas of Deltaville Va had a Sail While fishing aboard the Wasabi...

John Hudgins of Cobbs Creek Va had a Sail while fishing aboard the Tuna Tracker.

Richard Moore of SeaFord Va had a Sail while aboard the Tuna Tracker.  

Timothy Vaughn of South Boston Va had a 40 Pound Wahoo while fishing aboard the Carolina Girl.  

Warren Forbes of Hamilton NC had a 56 Pound Wahoo.  

Ronald Perry of China Grove NC had a Sail aboard the Twin Bills. 

Cody Tew of Fayetteville NC had a 40 Pound Wahoo.  

Susan Ennis of Red Oak NC had a 44 Pound Wahoo..

Sea Ya in a Few JAM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!