Best of the Blues


2 Boats Out Similar Results. A Real Nice Class Of Blues!!!!!!
We had Bak Bar and Got 'Em out there today, no OffShore Boats went. Captain Jerry and Captain Will put their Folks on them today. Real nice 18-23 Inch BlueFish, Perfect Eating Size. There was Plenty of Fish Caught by both Parties and they left them Biting. The Blues have been pretty Thick This Spring Right Down at the Inlet.


Mixed Bag Toads on the Northern Beaches and Sea Mullets on the Southern. Demarcation Line Seams to be 44 on the Toads. Real Real Nice Blues on Metal and Bait off of Ramp 55 . Heard of Some Blues and Sea Mullets off of 49 as well. Saw a Few Yearlings from Ocracoke, and a Few Yearlings and a Few Pups from Buxton.

Wind is ON IT today Sustained at 40+ Gust to around 50+. I don't see much Fishing going on today, we got what we like to Call on the Island a Drunk Front. Wind will Come around overnight tonight into tomorrow a.m. and supposed to Warm up a notch or Two. Won't See 60 Today gonna stay Blowing Misty and around 50 today.

Until Next Time JAM out!!!!