Black, Yellow and all Caught on a Boat Called the BlueFin, Sounds Like a Dang Bruise to ME !!!!!!!!!


The BlueFins Was our Only Boat OffShore today, and Capt Paul made it a Spectacular day for his Clients and a Very Easy Day for me and the Fishing Report.  Cause you know how it is Here at Teach's, if we don't have a Picture it didn't happen.  I have been doing fishing reports on this Island fro 15 Years Now and I will NEVER Steer You Wrong.


The BEST it Gets Said Captain Will Smith of Bak-Bar Charters as he told me of his day. After the Story, I just looked at him with a smile and said EPIC DAY!!!!!!!!!  Citation Drum, 36 inch Blues, Big Giant Sharks..... All the Guys were in on the Action, that had Full Day trips.  It's a Long way to Diamond Shoals and it's hard to Pull it off on a Half day trip.  


Not Epic, but Pretty Dang Good, if ya Have the Magic, Drum Magic that is.  Blues to 36 Inches, but they are around 10 to 12 Pounds.  If this was the fall and not just coming out of winter these fish would be 18 to 20 pounders.  Right now they are Hungry and we call the all heads, because the stomachs are small and their heads are big.  Citation Drum in the Evenings Blues during the Day.  Pan fishing is Good with Blow Toads, (Puffers, Great Eating Stop by we will show you how to clean them.  Sea Mullets Good on Shrimp and Artificial EZ-Flea By FISHBITES, we have plenty in Stock at a GREAT PRICE.  So Stop on by and See Us.    

PS last minute News Its EPIC for this Little Lady Megan Klein - 10 years old - Trevose, PA.  Megan is Killing It...   Pretty Work!!!!!!!  Thankx MOM  ....JAM 



Ralph McWhorter of Horner WV had a 51 Inch Red Drum caught aboard the Got Em.

Jake Markland of Powhatan Va had a 42 Inch Drum aboard  Bak Bar Sportfishing.

Jordan Markland of Powhatan Va had a 43 Inch Drum aboard  Bak Bar Sportfishing.

Cindy Markland of Powhatan Va had a 48 Inch Drum aboard  Bak Bar Sportfishing.

Tony Markland of Powhatan Va had a 43 Inch Drum aboard  Bak Bar Sportfishing.

Until Next Time JAM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!