A Change in the Weather!!!!!!!!!!!

After Several Banner Days of Trout and Puppy Drum Fishing a System has started to come through and it has shut down the Bite for today (Saturday).  It was funny, Yesterday it was Sunny and around 70 with a SW wind warming the water Pushing the TROUT Back North and Sending the Pups up from the Sound.  I had 12 Pups Yesterday before 8 AM, today I saw One Fish caught on Bait and Left to Fish other Holes by 6:30 AM.  

I had Folks to the North fishing Avon and Buxton Today, as well as Myself covering Hatteras Village and The Frisco Pier.  Nothing for me and from the Reports I got before the Wind got on it was Nothing anywhere today.  

Small Blues on Bait off of Ramp 49 and Small Blues On Bait off of Ramp 55.  

Debbie and Dean Smith were Down and Debbie had an Inshore Slam all Caught on One Grub yesterday,  a Trout  Pup and a Flounder.  Pretty Work.  Thumper Had some Sea Bass and Bak Bar and Got Em had the Blues. Pretty Work Guys..  

Can't Wait till Tomorrow, the Wind which is NNW and Hard right now is due to die out after awhile today.  That should put the Water Temps Back Where the Specks Like it and they should be Back on the Beaches of Hatteras.  I will Report Back Tomorrow.  

I just did a Special Tackle Order and RE-STOCKED all the HOT Grub Colors that Every Shop on the Island is Out of.  They will be here Monday.. Including Some Colors that NONE of the Other Shops HAVE Like the One in the Pictures Section,  ECU PIRATES COLOR GRUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until Next Time JAM out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!