Citation BlackFin Tuna within 9 Miles of the Beach!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Guys Went Kinging yesterday and much to their Surprise they were Covered up with BlackFin Tuna.  Big enough for several Citations.  These Fish were within 9 Mile of the Beach and there was a Bunch of them.  We launched a Bunch of Private Boats Yesterday, bout ten of them, I hope they Scored too.  Winds Blew up out of the Ese so the Ride home was sporty.  Inshore Drum and Trout.  Nice ones.  


Gabe Sava of Poquoson Va had a 22 Pound BlackFin Tuna.

Richard Roth of Huntington Valley Pa had a 24 Pound BlackFin Tuna.  

Kieran Bowman of Buxton had a 26 Pound BlackFin Tuna aboard the Harpers Folly.  

Until Next Time JAM out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!