Come and Get some Guys, Fishing is Pretty Darn Good.

With the Guys getting out more and more we are seeing a lot of consistency.  Nice BlackFins and YellowFins.  One day it More Yellows than Blacks and then Visa Versa.  But either way You as the Anglers Wins.  A Nice Showing of Dolphin are coming in which is GREAT to see.  We will start seeing more and more of them in the near future.  Wahoos too.  So I think we have things rolling pretty nice for now. 

Inshore NearShore we have heard and confirmed a FEW Cobia have been Caught, not the Giant School we a re waiting for but I do know of several.  Big BLACK DRUM was the Story for the Inshore Nearshore Guys.  With Brett Barley getting a CITATION Black Drum on his Jet Ski.

Big Red Drum are here with another Beach Bite  at Cape Point producing  around 25 or 30. fish.   Blues to 30 Inches Sharks and Skates also.  


James Barleyof Buxton North Carolina had a 45 Inch Black Drum aboard Just a Jet Ski..  LOL

Until Next Time JAM out!!!!!!!!!!!!!