Congratulations RACHAEL BIBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First 2 Citation Drums!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to one of our Local Fisher People, Rachael Bibby on 2 Citation Drum.  They were the First of MANY to Come..  It's always My Pleasure to Announce a First Time Fish, it's such a special moment.  But we are gonna let the Pictures do the Rest of the talking cause I have a Bunch!!!!!!!   Enjoy!!!!!!



Jerome Swantner of Alexandria Va had 2 Drum a 50 and a 43, aboard the Hallelujah..

Robert Schlegal of State College Pa had 2 Drum a 41 and a 50 aboard the Hallelujah.

Brain McDonald of Reston Va. had a 25 Pound BlackFin Tuna aboard the Marlin Mania. 

Tyler Bolling of Pleasant Garden Nc had a Shark aboard the Longer Days. 

John Temple of  Newport News Va had a 36 Pound Dolphin aboard the Wasabi. 

James Ryan of Virginia Beach Va had a 40 pound Cobia.  

Sean Crossin of Glenolden Pa had a 47 Pound Cobia aboard the Spec Tackler.  

David Errickson of Eldora NJ had a 41 pound Cobia aboard the Speck Tackler.  

David Gosweiler of Millville Nj had 3 Drum a 47,48,49 aboard the Hallelujah.  

Sherman Calner of Miraman Fl had a 10 Pound Sheeps Head aboard the Got em.  

Samantha Martin of Chesterfield Va had a 42 Pound Cobia aboard the Speck Tackler. 

Pete Lewis of Cedarville Nj had a 44 Inch Drum aboard the Hallelujah. 

Michael Ward of Woolwich Nj had a 43 Inch Drum aboard the Hallelujah.

Robert Medina of Bridgeton Nj had a 47 Inch Drum aboard the Hallelujah.  

Brian Carlson of Davidson NC had a 59 pound Cobia.  

Vann Lanier of Belmont Nc had 3 Drum 44,47,49 aboard the Hallelujah.  

Until Next Time JAM out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!