Day Off Picture Reports with Citations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Dang SW Wind Machine Won't Stop!!!!!   Everyone Face SW and Blow at the Same Time, maybe we can knock it down.  


Randy Shaw of Moseley Va had a Sail.

Jay Oakley had a Sail.  

Cynthia Wilson of Waynesburg Pa has d a 46 Inch Drum aboard the Bak Bar.  

Shaun Wilson of Waynesburg Pa had a 41 Inch Drum aboard the Bak Bar.  

Blake Cooper of Clarksburg Wv had a Sail aboard the Longer Days.  

Jacob Wagner had a Blue Marlin Aboard the Longer Days.  

Steve Brinker of Norfolk Va had a 49 Inch Barracuda aboard the Original Carolina Girl..

Mitchell Hartman of Newport News Va had a  42 Pound Wahoo aboard the Original Carolina Girl.  

Until Next Time JAM out!!!!!!!!!!!!