Fishing OffShore Has Been Phenomenal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is the Past Week!!

Man O Man,  OffShore Fishing has been unbelievable this past Week.  This is the Time of Year where the Fishing reports Slow Down a Bit, not due to Lack of Fish, but it's due to Lack of Fishermen.  We Catch Fish on Hatteras Island 12 Months out of the Year.  Matter of Fact Some of our BEST Fishing Occurs during Our Fall and Winter Months.  It kinda makes it hard to follow the Reports see when it's HOT and Come down.  You more just have to Go For it like in the OLD Days Before the Internet and Cell Phones.  

We have been all over the King Macks this Year with some of the BEST King Fishing in the Last Decade.  The Cool thing this year has been that there are HUGE BlackFin Tuna schooling with the KINGS.  We are Talking 30 Pounders, and as usual I would not report if I did not have the Pictures to Back it up.   As we Here at Teach's Lair Marina have  the Most Honest and accurate  Fishing Report On Hatteras Island.  

Also in this Batch of Fishing and Catching Pictures is an Example on how we Take Our Children Fishing We like them to Catch Fish Larger than they are before they are 5, Hatteras Style.  

There have even been Billfish in November Longer Days had a November Sail.   So you can't Gauge the Fishing by the Daily Fishing reports because they are not Daily this time of Year, but as You can see we are Catching we Just need you to Come Catch a Dream With Us.  It's a Blast Guys Better Fishing this Time of Year and Less Crowds.    

This is the Time of Year I like to go OffShore, Nice an Cool and the Fishing is HOT!!!!!!!!!!.  So Come and GETS SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Cathrine Frost of Amissville Va had a Sail aboard the Longer Days.

Ralph Loffman of Kearneysville Wv had a 30 pound King aboard the Harpers Folly.  

Until Next Time JAM out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!