Friend of Mine caught 6 Cobia Yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gonna Lead with the Inshore Bite today..........  A friend of Mine Chester caught 6 Cobia Yesterday on His Private Boat Captain Buck.  Pretty Work Chester.  Yesterday was one of the Best Late Season Cobia Days I have ever Seen another Friend of mine Tom Wilson's Son, Trent (Pictured here in this report) caught his First Cobia yesterday.  Congrats Trent...Good Flounder Bite yesterday as well.  Blues were all over it and there were not very many Spanish.  

Beach Fishing remains Summertime Summertime, which means it's hot and I'm Talking about the Weather, not the Fishing.  Although our NEW ES LURES (Broke Back Models) Are Wearing the Spanish and Blues out when they are within Range  We need a Front to Come through  and change things up for us a bit.  But there were pompano and sea mullets and a few flounders.

OffShore remains Fickle, one day its on the next day it's off, nice catch of Wahoo and BlackFins today.  

Sea Ya in a Few Days

JAM out!!!!!!!!!!