Here We Go Our Little Yellow Friends Decided to Show Up!!!!!!!!!

There is Just no Rhyme or Reason for our Little Yellow Friends Showing up the way they are.   The Guys will get them and then not see them for a few days.  It makes no Sense, but, as long as they are there we will Take em.  Decent Catches of Bailers today and a Nice Mix of Wahoo a Few Sails and our Good Good Friends the Reef Donkey's, better Known has the Amber Jacks.  Glad to see our Friends Show up today, but that's what makes it Exciting.  You Never Know whats Gonna happen.  

InShore/NearShore has been Stellar with Blues and Spanish with a real real good Consistency.  Trout and Drum are there as well.   Flounder Fishing has been Picking up and there are More Keepers lately.  

Beach on Fire with Blues and Spanish on Metal Lures..  Blues and Drum on CutBait.  And Flounder On the Gulps Pearl White Shrimp and a Lead Head.  


Mark Drye of Haymarket Va had a Drum  while fishing aboard the Bak Bar..

John Van Woudenberg of Warwick NY had a Sail Fish while fishing aboard the Marlin Mania. 

Until Next Time JAM out!!!!!!!