I Love it When we Keep on Rolling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once you get a Head of Steam Going you want to keep it Rolling, Yesterdays catch was GREAT!!!!!!  

With lots of YellowFins in the 35 to 40 Pound Range and BlackFins Too Boot.  Chuck in a Few Gaffers and Call Me for Dinner.  Inshore there were Several Red Drum and from the Beach I heard of no Reds but some Nice Blues.  Weather is supposed to get "NORMAL" after Sunday and then it will be on like Donkey Kong!!!!!!!!!  Most of the Fleet is Out Today, should be a GREAT Afternoon.  


Brian Baird of Dillwyn Va. had a 21 Pound BlackFin Tuna aboard the Runaway..

Robert Johnson of Prospect Va had a 20 Pound BlackFin Tuna aboard the Runaway.  

Arthur Walker of Centerville Va. had a 25 Pound BlackFin Tuna Aboard the Runaway.  

Kevin Oneil of Alexandria Va had a 47 Inch Drum aboard the Hallelujah..  

Until Next Time JAM out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!