If I didn't Have Pictures You Would Not Believe Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gonna Make this a Picture Report cause it is Busy Busy Busy.  But you will get the Idea.  


Jeff Lovingsof Summerfield NC had a 5 Pound 9 pound  Popmano off of Ramp 55, after he shook My hand this morning.  I believe I will see him tomorrow What cha think...

Paul Hameleers of  Downington Pa had a 43 inch Drum while aboard the Speck Tackler.

Ralph Costantini of Englewood Co had a 45 Inch Drum aboard the Hallelujah. 

John Roth of Raleigh NC had a 10 pound 7 ounce Sheepshead aboard the Bak Bar. 

Until Next Time JAM out!!!!!