InShore Hot Hot Hot!!!!!! OffShore Getting Better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

InShore Fishing Remains unbelievable with the Drum Fishing the Best I have EVER seen. They are Still Catching Cobia in the BackWaters too and the Speck Fishing is as good as its been in Years. Grey Trout are in the Usual Places. But the news of the day was Keeper Flounders. I received 2 different reports of Keeper Flounders to 19 inches. One Group of Folks had 5 and the Other had 2. That's GREAT, we have not heard a lot from the Flounder Guys yet this year and hopefully we will be hearing lots more from them.
OffShore Fishing has been Fickle at best, one day they will hit some Dolphin the next day they won't. But the Good News is that we are seeing more and more Wahoo. August and September are Usually a GREAT Wahoo Months. In the past Two years that is when we have seen our Big ones. Plenty of Bill Fish to go around as we are seeing lots of Sails in real real close. As Close as 80 Feet of Water. Bottom Fishing is always a good option when the Mahi Bite is Slow and there is a Great Class of Bottom Fish out there.
Beach Fishing has been about as Slow as OffShore, but we expect the Beach Fishing to Slow Down each Summer. The Dog Days come every year and Besides a Blues and Spanish on Metal Bite in the Morning and Evening. The Day is Spent catching a few Sea Mullets and Pompano's. But you Never Know when you might luck into a nice keeper Drum or a larger Blue Fish. They way to tell whether you are Doing Summer Fishing Right is Whether or Not you are having Fun. If your Having Fun you are doing it Right. But ain't that they way it is with anything?????
Kent Kleeberger of Sanibel Fl. had 2 Drum a 47 and a 40 while fishing aboard the Speck-Tackler.
Wilson Cooper-Kleeberger of Westerville Oh had a 47 inch Drum while fishing aboard the Speck-Tackler.
Taylor Simmons of Finscastle Va had a 45 inch Drum Aboard the Hallelujah.
Taylor Goodson of Yorktown Va had 2 Drum a 46 and a 48 while fishing aboard the Bak Bar.
Elizabeth Simmons of Fincastle Va had a 43 Inch Drum While fishing aboard the Hallelujah.
Joseph Kemm of Oreland Pa had a 48 Inch Barracuda while fishing aboard the Sea Bear.
Until Next Time JAM out!!!!!!!!!!