It's That Time of Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And We are/have been on it!!!!!

It's that time of year when Fishing reports get slower but Fishing gets Better, so you can not rely on the reports to Help You catch fish because you can't catch yesterdays fish and you damn sure can't catch Mondays Fish on Friday, even if it is Black Friday!!!!  We/I Have been Steadily catching Specks for around 2 Weeks now.  Nice Fish to around 4 Pounds.  I have had Multiple Limits everyday for the last week Solid except for today, I only Caught 12 Puppy Drum before I had to go to work today awwww Shucks.  

All on Grubs and Lead Heads and a TROUT ROD.   My Ole Drum Buddy C-Dog (Clay) came down and got in on the Action, I think he caught over 12 with his largest being 21 inches, and that ones going in the Grease.  Blues were there as well.  

You can hit just about any beach and find the Trout but I have been Fishing Frisco and Ramp 55 about the same amount of Time and Catching Quality Fish.  They are Catching up North too, From Rodanthe to Buxton Trout Trout Trout.  

But ya need to Find them.  Trout Guys will not tell you where they are catching.  Look for Scalloped Marks on the Beach where it looks like there is a Rolling lowercase m's.  Fish them all and Keep Moving.  Itis Impossible to Trout Fish from a Vehicle, you need to be on your Feet.  On your Feet you get a Better Look at the Water and can see things that you would just DRIVE right on By.      

Trout Guys are Very Sneaky too they try and throw you off of their Scent, they don't like people Bird doggin them so  there are many things they do like take pictures of Fish, not where you have caught them but somewhere else.  I can hit from the Avon Pier to Hatteras Village all within a 20 minute period depending on wind and surf conditions.  I know whether I like a spot in 2 seconds of showing up.  I have been known to look at a spot not even throw and leave.  So Come on Down and Put in Some Time Walking our beaches for Trout it's a Spiritual Thing and it Puts you at Peace with the World.  

Inshore Phenomenal, Blues, False Albacores and Kings are all over..  got em had guys with Fly Rods Killing it.  Bak Bar been Going Farther off for the Kings and AJ's.  

OffShore Kings Kings and More Kings a lot of the Guys are Going On Fun TRIPS Where they all Kick in For Gas and Head off..  It's Fun to have Friends with Big Boats.   AnyWays what I am TRYING to convey to you'all is that just cause you don't see a Fishing report for a Few Days, that does not mean we are not Catching, It Just means we are Busy Catching. So Come Catch A Dream With Us!!!!!


Mickie Warren of Salvo NC had a 38 Pound King aboard the Sea Bear.

Bryan Yarborough of Kings Mountain NC had a 32 Pound BlackFin Tuna aboard the Runaway.  

Charles Stamey of Belmont NC had a 33 Pound BlackFin Tuna Aboard the Runaway.  

Charles Stamey of Belmont NC had a 43 Pound King aboard the Runaway.  

Christopher Yarborough of Kings Mountain NC had a 40 Pound King aboard the Runaway.  

Wesley Denton of Jarrettsville MD had a 35 Pound King aboard the My Decision ll .  

Ya can't Catch them Sitting on your Couch, lets go fishing..  

SEA YA JAM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!