Lets Talk Trout, Part Deaux. The Rods n Weight Ranges!!

Hey Guys, Hows it goin it's your Ole Buddy JAM with a Little TROUT TALK.  Today we will go Over Rods, and their Weight Ranges and Lengths.  I roll with a Half a Dozen Different Trout Rods in my Truck.  They all have Different Uses, some for different conditions, others for Different Uses.  Let's have some fun and go over it for a Piece.  

A Normal Person can get away with one or two Trout Rods,  just Pick your weight range which can be found on the Butt Section by the reel Seat and if you get a Sweet Spot at around 3/8's you will be fine and have fun.  If you become Addicted, like most of us are, one or two trout rods is a good place to start but, it would kind of make the Hardcore Trout Addict Laugh, as we have room fulls.  LOL.  

At a Minimal a Good Mirror Lure Rod with the Weight Range on the Heavier Side (Sweet Spot at 1/2 Ounce).   This way you can Show up at the Beach with 2 Rods and not have to worry about changing anything out.   Sweet Spot can most of the Time be determined by looking at the weight range and cutting it in half, the Number that is in the Middle, is the Sweet Spot.   

Another Reason Weight Range of a Rod is So Important is that you want to Fish, as lite as you can keep contact with in the conditions you are fishing.   Conditions that go into the Thought Process are Left to Right Current, Swell Size, Wind Conditions and Tide Range. Trout are Caught on the Drop, so the Longer you can Present the Lure, the better the Odds. 

The Rods across the Back of my TRUCK in the Pictures Below have all Different Weight Ranges, from 1/16th through 1 Ounce, and are all Different lengths.  My Longest Trout Rod is actually a Salmon Steelhead Rod, it's a LamiGlas Ron Arra 8'6".  It likes the Mirrolures and the Heavier Lead Heads up to 1/2 ounce.  I don't TROUT fish over 1/2 Ounce, cause I don't like goin heavier.    

Most Days I take my Ultra Lite 7 foot Tatulla 1/16-3/8 and  my 7 ' Coastal for the Mirrolure, both Rods are From my Daiwa Deal.  I walk over with these Rods each day.  Some days I just leave the Mirrolure rod in the Truck.  Today it was all that I used.  I Also have a Few LamiGlas and Centuries as well in the Truck for Backup.  

My Tatulla has become my Favorite, it's Super Light and I have a 2500 Ballistic Mounted on it.  All my Trout Reels have Berkley Crystal 10 pound on them as I find it's the BEST line on the Market for what I am doing.  One of My Reels has line on it from 5 Years ago.

I switch back and forth between my Customs I have built and the Factory Rods Daiwa Hooks me up with.  I guess my main Point besides fishing Lite as you can is, that there is No One MAGIC Rod for Every Trout Application.  If you are Like me, a Tackle Junkie,  You are gonna need at Least a Half Dozen or So.  LOL.  I hope this Helps Your Quest For Speckled Trout.  

Until Next Time JAM out!!!!!!!!!!!!!