Let's Talk TROUT, Specks That Is.

How are you all Doin, it's Your good Ole buddy JAM here with a Little TROUT TALK.  Now First off I would Just Like to say that I did not Invent anything, nor do I claim to be Good, nor Do I "Know it all".  But what I do,  do is Listen, and I have been Listening for 15 Years on this Island and I have Picked up a Few TRICKS that Might Help you in your Quest for Speckled

Trout from the Beach.  

Simple little things like :  Never Give up on the Water you are Fishing till your Grub/Mirror Lure is on the Sand.  I have caught many a Speck Right at My Feet, never Give up and just crank it in, work it to the sand.  

Or another Good one is:   Fish as Lite as you can keep contact with.  Now this is where many different TROUT Rods Come into play with their different Weight Ranges.  I have TROUT Rods that will Throw and Keep Contact with from 1/16-1 Ounce, now that is Several Different Rods, no One Rod will do it all, but  General Rule of thumb is a Rod that does less than an Ounce will Work.  Most Factory Trout Rods have a Sweet Spot of 3/8's, you can find the weight Range on Rods on Blank by the Fore Grips.  

Just remember Liter is Better, Trout Bite on the Drop, the longer you can Suspend the Drop the More time your Lure is in Mr. Trout's Face, and the more time he has to Strike it.  Water Conditions Dictate what Weight Range I am gonna Use, I never go above a half and I do not even like fishing that HEAVY, I am a 1/8, 1/4 ounce Type of Guy from the Surf.  

Hyper-Lines:  I love them, I am not a Fan of Braided Line, personally, but I love Microfused Line with Dyneema, or Berkley Crystal, I use 10 Pound that is the Diameter or 4 pound test. Cast better, better Lure Contact, Better Feel, No Line Twist (Like Braid) and Less Wind Knots than Braid.  

Bodies/Grubs:  I am a Big Big Fan of the Salt Water Assassin, an Ole Timer Turned me on to them a long time ago.  The Sea Shad Bodies in 4 Inch are Awesome and Blue Water Candy has a Backwater Candy out now and Jodie Gay Makes some awesome stuff that Fish Love to Eat.  Plus he's a Fellow Carolina Guy and we like to Stick together, his Products are made in the USA and have become a Favorite of Mine.  Again most use the Paddle Tails, because it puts off more of a Vibration, but if you like Twisters, roll with it, we have those in the Shop also.

Colors:  They are Very TRICKY and the key is Honestly, have 2 of Everything, I do.  That's just the way it is, ya never know what color they are gonna be on from day to day.  You have generalizations, Dark Dirty Water Bright Clear, but there are so many Choices in Between and you just have to Be Prepared for anything.  I carry an Arsenal in a Backpack and it Keeps Me Mobile and carries everything I need including WATER to stay HYDRATED.  

Well I have attached a Bunch of Pictures of some of My Favorite Stuff, both Bodies and Lead Heads.  You are Glancing Into my TROUT BAG.  Over Time I have Learned what works and what doesn't, I try to Stay away from the Nonsense and those that Know me know I cut Right to the Chase and I don't Sugar Coat it.  If you are having Fun You are Doing it Right.  I hope this helps..  Remember Fluorocarbon Is King for your Leader and there is NO SUBSTITUTE for SEAGUAR ...Condition will be On Target for Tomorrow and the rest of the Weekend.  So Come and Catch a DREAM  with US..  

Until Next Time JAM out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!