May 8

Good Morning and Good Day!  It was another beautiful day on the island yesterday as well as on the water.  The guys offshore had some good action with Gaffer Dolphins yesterday and we did have a Sailfish release. Inshore the King Mackeral bite has been great!  A lot of fish around in the 8 to 15 pound range for more than a week or so at this point.  The guys also had good action with Spanish Mackeral. Of course the Cobia are around. Seems like the next "wave" of fish are showing up and it should get better.  Luckily we have had a nice stretch of weather so they can get out in the ocean.  


John West   Sailfish

Todd Edwards   61lb Cobia

Brandon Bailey   70lb Cobia

Deirdre Mulder   57lb Cobia

Dan Tillery          49lb Cobia

Bill Smith            47lb Cobia