Nice to Be Able to Do a Report Each Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not one to Blow Smoke up anyone's Dress so we keep the Reports REAL here at Teach's Lair Marina.  My MOTO No Picture then it did not Happen.  Been Doin Honest Fishing Reports Now on Island for 15 Years and we will always Keep It Real.  But it's Cool to be able to do a Catching Report Every Day  and as of Late it has been every day.  More BlackFins and Wahoo ya Just Can't Go Wrong..  Inshore Drum Trout and More Drum and Trout.  Beach has been gettin better but still is Slow.  Some Sea Mullets Blues and Spanish .  


Shaady Eid of Ashburn VA had a 21 pound 8 ounce BlackFin Tuna aboard  Harpers Folly.

Gregory Hoffman of Avon got a 43 pound 6 ounce Wahoo.

Michael Howard of Portsmouth Va had a 55 Pound Wahoo.  

Until Next Time JAM out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!