Not a Fishing Report but a Vacation Report, Disney and Homosassa Springs.

Blue Fins are Cruising our Coast Right now, no one is Trying but they are there I heard Captain Kenny say if has gets not trips this week he is Going For it..  

I took a Few Weeks off and went to a New GREAT Friend of mine Gator McRae's OF Homosassa.  Here is a Link to His web Site and if you are down His way tell him JAM sent ya.

We were there for a very special event Gator's 53 Birthday Party and I even got to meet His Mom (92 God Bleess Her)  who Introduced herself to me as "THE  BOSS" and ladies and gentlemen, SHE IS..    We hit it Right off.  

It was a Great Time but I could never Live outside of Hatteras Island there are just too many folks out there..  Love ya Gator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Went to my Mom's in Davenport and Yes we Met Mickey, last time I saw him was 1976, he has not changed a bit, unlike my ole @ss.  Well I hope these Picture will break up a COLD Wimters Day..  

 Went to My High School Buddies 2 Clothing Stores (Think Thai Fishing Pants)  We will be carrying them.  But Gary Owns Tribal Asia, Katmandu, and KUSH ..  Hit him up. the KUSH is a Speak Easy and is not an advertised bar you need to know to ask the Clerk in the Store for the pass Codes and you pay a minimal cover and you are in the HOTTEST NIGHTSPOT in the Greater Orlando Area.     
Until Next Time JAM out!!!!!!!

I will put Descriptions on Photo's