Nothing Like a 493 Pound Blue Marlin On the NEW Scales, to get the Heart Racing!!!!!

Thats Right Folks, Congrats to Jeff and Cheryl Sanford of Gloucester Va (owners of the Longer Days) Brought a BOSCO to the Scales.  The Fish was Tail Wrapped and Dead when it came up.  So We do not waste a Thing, this Fish was Magnificent and a Thing of Beauty even in Death.  She Will Feed a lot of the Village as Many Folks Got Pieces to take home and Smoke.  Smoked Blue marlin is Quite the Treat and Many Native Islanders have fantastic Recipes for it.  The Fish was Tagged before Removal, from the Vessel Longer days, and the HMS Tag Number is 0002200.  

What an Adrenaline Rush for EVERYONE at the Marina, I know for a Fact that Hunter (the First Mate) and I will not be Sleeping tonight. Just too Much Excitement for Us To Handle.  The Fish Was 113  inches Long and Had a Girth of 60 Inches.  That's Right, a 5 Foot Girth.  Hunter Got the Complementary Dunk in the Creek because it was his First Blue One as a Mate on the Longer Days(That was Brought to the Docks) He had Several Last Year aboard the Longer Days, but this was His First Hanger.  Today will Just be this Part of the Report, Tomorrow I will do the Rest.  WOW    

Cheryl Sanford of Gloucester Va 493 Pound Blue Marlin While Aboard the Longer Days.  

PS Captain Tom  told me that this was the First Blue Marlin that he has Killed in Over 29 Years of Fishing.  

What an Awesome DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Mothers Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PSS First Big Fish Weighed in at Teach's Lair Marina in Over a Decade!!!!!    WE ARE BACK BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Come Gets Some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JAM out !!!!!