November Report

While November brought us some rough weather at times, we still had some nice days with a few boats taking charters and getting out to catch some fish!

Inshore boats were mainly catching Red Drum and Bluefish, with some Sheepshead and Black Drum scattered in the mix.

Offshore catches consisted of King Mackerel, Blackfin Tuna, and the occasional Wahoo. A few Bluefin Tuna have been spotted but no bites reported yet.


Gregory Koren caught a Blackfin Tuna: 30 lbs, 35 inches (11/2/21)

William Warrington caught and released a Red Drum: 45 inches (11/23/21)

Chase Silcox caught a King Mackerel: 45 lbs, 55 inches (Carolina Girl, 11/27/21)