Private Boat Went on the 26th

Had some Hearty Souls Give it a Whack yesterday the Day After Christmas, ( Merry Christmas By the Way)  and they Scored a Nice Batch of Kings.  All were around 20 to 25 Pounds and they said they lost way more then they kept.  So they had a Great Day the Conditions when they left were Air Temps around 38 wind Chill bout dropin it to around 28. They Contemplated Going in the Parking lot as the Sun Rose, and then they Geared Up and Hit it.  Good Stuff The Other Shot is Runaway on a Commercial King Trip last week.  

The Fishing Rod in the third and rest of the Pictures is an Old Wright Mcgill Fly Rod from the 20's I believe, 1923 from what I can tell. It was Brought in by A  Hatteras Christmas Angel from Jersey, Bob.  Bob was with us down here for a few weeks and became one of the Regulars, real real Quick .   It was found in a wall of an old house his Son was revenerating. New in Box and Never Fished.   Wright McGill has been trying to get their hands on this Rod as it a Museum Piece.  It was very Cool To Hold History and Imagine...    

Until Next Time JAM OUT!!!!!!!!