In Shore Action El Fuego

OffShore Not so El Fuego (On Fire) if it weren't for InShore Fishing I would not really have a Report for you. OffShore just has been not  Producing the way we like it to.  But that's a Double Edge Sword cause if you do not go looking for them, you will never find them.  Just because we don't catch everyday does not mean they are not here.  Back in the Day before the Internet folks never knew what was gonna happen they just went for it.  Time for you all to Start going for it.. 

Beach  Slow Slow Slow..  A few Pompano and a Few Blues and Mullet.. 


Jaqnice Kuykendall of New Port News Va had a SailFish (Must have been a few days ago, private boat) 

Until Next Time JAM Out!!!