Spring in the air

It's been a long quiet winter here on the island. Everyone is starting to get ready for the upcoming season.  Looking forward to some good weather and great fishing!  Overall this winter has been quiet on the fishing front.  It's been mild overall which has kept what Pups and Trout around in the sound.  Granted the water has been too chilly for them to bite.  That will change soon and we are expecting and hoping for another great Trout year!  I would think it could be better with all those little ones last year growing up some more.  On occasion this winter when the weather has been calm enough we have had some guys venture out up toward the rock searching for Tunas.  They have had some great action up there on those days catching mostly Blackfins, but there have been some Yellowfins around on the troll too.  Here's to a great year of fishing and we look forward to seeing you!