Starting them Young !!!!! Fisher is a Catcher!!!!!!!!!

Well with all that has been Going on on our Beloved Island, this little Ditty Here should put a Smile on your Face.  Capt'n Kenny's Son Fisher is Three and since he Could stand on his own he has wanted to go Fishing with his Daddy, well the perfect time arose for his Test Run.  He Loved it and Caught a Bunch of Fish.  I think he was Most Proud of his Shark, even though he had his First Billfish on For a While.  Shout out to Ken from Duck Doughnuts Wish I could have been with you'all.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Bak-Bar was our only Boat out today and then did very Well..  Nice Triggers and an African Pompano.  Pretty Work Guys.  

Until Next Time JAM out!!!!!!!!!!!!