They are there In a Big Way, Our Yellow Friends Have Showed Up, and they Ain't Little!!!!!!

First Off a Happy and Prosperous New Year to You'All, may all your Dreams come True, and while you are at it Come catch a Dream With US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Wasabi has been on the Prowl the past few days and They have been REWARDED Big League.  Nice YellowFin Tuna Too around 35 Pounds.  But Hey get this Captain Kenny even found some Dolphin.  He told me to tell all of You'all, he knows where they Live, and it's Time to go Kill a Few.  Him and all the BOYZ know where they Live so Pick your Favorite Captain and Boat and Lets get to Catching..  I've been Itching to go off for YellowFin maybe I'll Hitch a ride with one of you Guys.

Until Next Time JOHN out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!