The Wahoo Bite Sparked Back Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice Wahoo to around 70 pounds were Caught.  A Private Boat was in town and they were Good Fishermen, plus they had the Midas Touch, 3 Days Fishing 7 Wahoo and 5 Citations.. Pretty Work Guys.  Heck of a Speck Caught aboard the Hallelujah...  Largest One I have seen this Year.  Heard of an 8.51 Pound Speck Caught at the Point By Accident, Fish was Caught on a Drum Rod.  It's what we call a Happy Accident..  LOL  


Walter Mandzak of Floyd Va had a 5 pound 5 Ounce Speck While Aboard the Hallelujah.  

James Ashburn of Waldorf Md had a Sail aboard the Longer Days.  

Jerald Abraham of Williamsburg Va had a Sail.  

Jeffery Dail of Poquoson Va had a 68.2 pound Wahoo.  (Private)

Gabe Sava of Poquoson Va had a 48 Pound Wahoo .  (Private)

Ward Slates of Bloomingdale MI had a 63 Pound Wahoo caught aboard the Twin Bills.  

Hunter Southall of Poquoson Va had a 50 Pound Wahoo (Private)

Hunter Southall of Poquoson Va had a 55.8 Pound Wahoo (Private)

Until Next Time JAM out!!!!!!