We Can Get You On YOUR Charter!!!!!!!

Yes we can get you on your Charter.  All we (Teach's Lair) or What ever Captain you use just needs your Information and the Infromation of your Party.  We have been Sending them License Plate Numbers and Names and the EOC, has been Granting them Permission Through if it is done a Day in advance.  So If you want to Charter YOU CAN!!!!!!!!

Yesterday catch was Wahoo, Dolphin and AJ a Sail it looks like from the Flag , I will Double Check that and get back to ya.  The Wahoo will Chew again today and we have the Original Carolina Girl out looking for them along with Back Bar Charters Pulling 2 half days today.  

So if you want to, WE CAN,  Lets Do this Thing!!!!!!

Until Next Time JAM out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!