Welcome 4 PlUS Of Richmond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Many Many Pictures Cause I have been Off, well Sorta Off, I am Never Off, Cause WE ARE FULL ON @ TEACH'S!!!

Good Luck to All the Anglers in the 4-Plus 4X4 Club, we at Teach's Tackle Look Forward to Providing You with the Winning Bait and Tackle.   


Phenomanal is all IO can Tell You.  BlackFins, Scattered Yellows, Wahoo, Nice Dolphin Catches, Triggers, Cobia.  You name it w have been Catching it.  Remember To Sign up for the North Carolina Offshore Challenge @  http://www.hillsboroughsfc.com/  
All the Proceeds go to the Veteran of the Patriot Guard.  We need Vendors Call us at Teach's.  We have 15.5 Acres at our Complex and want to make it a Carnival like atmosphere.   All we ask is that if you Set up a Booth, that 10% of your revenue go to the Patriot Guard.  Contact JAM or Aaron at 252-986-2460.     


Cobia and Big Drum oooooo  and throw in Monster Chopper Blues..  Come and Gets Some!!!!!!!


Same as InShore NearShore..  Anglers have been Connecting with Big Drum to 50 Inches as well as Cobia to around 55 Pounds from the Beach on Casted not Kayaked out Baits.  The Time is Now and I am Quite Surprised that my Boat Launch is not Full of Cobia Hunters.  But I get the Game, wait till the Sun Gets Hi, then Hit it all day cause it's Light till 7:20.  

Getting a lot of Calls About the Inlet, the Dredge Merritt is on Site and Honestly none of My 46 Plus Footers have not had a Problem.  So Unless you are 70 foot, don't Sweat It.  


Randy Whittaker of Mechanicsville Va. had a 20 Pound BlackFin Tuna While Fishing aboard the Marlin Mania..

Clint Chamberlain of Mechanicsville Va. had a 22 Pound BlackFin Tuna While Fishing aboard the Marlin Mania..

Fred Mayers of Mechanicsville Va. had a 41 Pound Wahoo While Fishing aboard the Marlin Mania..

David Hart of Moyock NC had 2 Drum a 45 , 46 aboard Bak-Bar Sports Fishing...

Cody Hart of Moyock NC had 2 Drum a 45 and a 46 aboard the Bak Bar.  

Dawayne Rouse of Norfolk VA had a 44 inch Drum aboard the Bak Bar

Robert Gillespie of Norfolk VA had 3 Drum a 41,44,46 ..  Aboard the Bak Bar.  

Dave Sargent of Wilmington NC had a 55 Pound Cobia aboard the Bak Bar.  

Until Next Time JAM out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!