Well with over 2 Thousand Views just on FB Alone Yesterday, they were Just Phone Pictures. Today From the Cam..

We Covered a lot of Turf on our LIttle Vacay.  We wanted to see some of the Special People in our Lives from our Childhood Days.  So Not only Did we Hit up Gary (Kathmandu, Tribal Asia, and his Signature a Speakeasy Called Kush Which you saw Yesterday.  

Today we go to Gary's Peaceful Home where I found Solace from the Concrete Jungle.   ...

We Also Go Back To Disney, Small World (had to did it in 76) and a Few others.  

It's the Winter and I know you have cabin Fever, but the Fish are here.  Don't be an Internet Fisherman, YOU CAN NOT CATCH YESTERDAY'S FISH!!!!!!!   So Come on Down and lets Put a Slob on the Docks.  

I Hope you enjoy the Photo's of the vacay, heck it's something to look at on a Cold Sat Morn.  

Until Next Time JAM out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!