You Can't Catch them From the Couch, Come and GETS SOME!!!!!!

Are you gonna Let a 3 Year Old Out Fish Ya?  Well Fisher is Doing Just that while you sit at home on your Couch reading about What he has been Catching.  Well Fisher's First Citations of His Fishing Career was a King Mackerel.  He handled the Fish Like a Champ with just a Little Help from DAD Capt. Kenny Koci, making sure he did not go over the Rails. Come on man you can not sit there on your Couch and let this Fishy Little Kid Fisher out Fish You, he's only 3 for Gods Sake..  LOL  Come on Down and Gets Some Citations Kings and Plenty of them.  There are so many Citation Fish Sea Bear Had 5 over 30 Pounds. Plenty of Kings for everyone.  

Beach fishing is Getting Better and better everyday, I believe that we have turned the corner and things are straightening out  Big League. (I had to)   Some of you have been waiting for the report that SAYS COOLERS OF BLOW TOADS, well here it is.  There's another reason to get off the Couch.   I say it again incase you did not hear me "Coolers of Blow Toads" caught on Shrimp.  Besides the Toads there has been a Good Drum Bite going on Drum of all Sizes at Cape Point..  Blues are picking up and the Sea Mullets are still around.  Weather is Looking FANTASTIC for the Foreseeable Future with it getting up into the Seventies next Week.  So Lets go, Dust Off them Rods and Lets Go Fishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shaun Dunn of Hatteras had a 34 and a 36 Pound King aboard his Boat the Sea Bear..

Until Next Time JAM Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!