Matt, Hana, Chris and Glynn had a good trip catching big dolphin!

Captain Bruce said "The weatherman threw us a curveball, but we went anyway. Kudos to the crew!" 

With a good amount of rain and some wind, it looks it was worth the nice catch of tuna! 

Todd Justin and friends had a great catch of tuna, plus a nice sized mahi mahi as we wrapped up another great month on the Sea Angel II this weekend!

We hosted Grant Austin Taylor!

He is a great performer and we had a...


2 Boats Out Similar Results. A Real Nice Class Of Blues!!!!!!
We had Bak Bar and Got 'Em out there today, no OffShore Boats went. Captain Jerry and Captain Will put their Folks on them today. Real nice 18-23 Inch BlueFish, Perfect Eating Size. There was Plenty of...