Now I give the folks a little speech before I send em out behind the Marina to PinFish.  I tell em that My success rate for PinFish Fishing is 99.99999999999999% .  Actually it's 100%, but that Statistically Impossible so we will roll with the 99.9999999999999%  Well meet my New friend Jack, now...

Let me Introduce you to my New Friend Ashby Moore of Roanoke Va.  He was My PinFish Champ of Teach's Lair Marina Yesterday.  Toughed it out through  the rain to land his First Ever Fish.  Pretty Work Ashby!!!!  Sea Ya Next Time 


JAM out!!!!! 


The Wahoo's showed up in full force Yesterday with many of the Fleet catching Multiples.  With Wahoo, if you catch 50% of the fish you hook up with you are DOING GREAT...  Nice Batch of Dolphins and Kings.  Nice Day...

Between me taking a few days off and the Fleet Wacking and Stacking them this will be a Massive Picture Report.  A lot of Boats out today so I will have your Report up Early.  


Manson Smith of East...

Fishing on the Stormy Petrel II

Nearshore we’ve been catching mostly Spanish Mackerel, but Bluefish are starting to show up around Hatteras Inlet. Offshore we’ve had good fishing for Triggerfish on the bottom and Mahi on the surface.