Everything has Shown-Up Picture Report.  


William Stakes of Wilson NC had a 48 Inch Drum aboard the Speck Tackler.  

John Demaio of Virginia Beach Va had a 11 pound 9 ounce Gray Tile.  


Great Fishing Yesterday...............  Dolphin BlackFins and Monster AJ's..  Oh  Yeah, did I tell You about the Cobia aboard the Runaway..   Drum of all sizes, Chopper Blues on the Inshore Trips. 

Beach, Sea Mullets, Big Blues,  and SPANISH just out of Range....   Come and get it....  ...

Bak Bar Lit them up the Past 2 days with a Total of 18 Drum Citations.  I got to tell you, I've been around the block a few times but WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  18 Citations in 2 days Congrats Guys Supa AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OffShore Dolphin YellowFin and BlackFins OffShore.   


YellowFins and BlackFins OffShore  Drum Bite is On InShore. .. 


Gracie Hearne of New Bern NC had a 45 Inch Drum aboard the Bak Bar.  

Mickey Hearne of New Bern NC...