Rabid Tuna Fishing Hatteras Teach's Lair

Anglers have been enjoying the fall weather lately, which has brought cooler days and water temperatures. Offshore boats continued to see a good Blackfin Tuna bite on Thursday, with some getting citation sizes.

Inshore we saw mainly Red Drum, as well as...

Longer Days Fishing Charters Teach's Lair

Offshore fishing has been good over the last few days with boats bringing in solid catches of Blackfin Tuna. We are still seeing a good Wahoo bite and scattered Dolphin. Bottom fishing has resulted in good catches of Triggerfish and Snapper.

Inshore boats are getting plenty of Red Drum,...

Speck-Tackler Inshore Fishing Charters Hatteras Teach's

On Friday, offshore fishing brought in Wahoo and Dolphin, along with some scattered Tuna. Inshore boats had good catches of Red Drum, Speckled Trout, and a few Bluefish.

Speck-Tackler Fishing

The wind has finally settled down for us and boats are able to get back out. On Thursday, offshore boats brought in Wahoo, some Tuna and False Albacore, and decent amounts of Dolphin. Inshore boats had mainly Red Drum, Trout, and some Bluefish.

Speck-Tackler Fishing

Fishing update from the past week: We've seen rough weather and waters over the last several days making it harder for boats to get out and stay out for full days but there have been several good catches despite the conditions.

Inshore we've seen good catches of Red Drum, Bluefish and...